Security X-ray machine how to distinguish delivery logistics contraband

March 19, 2021
Latest company news about Security X-ray machine how to distinguish delivery logistics contraband

    In today's increasingly developed economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the security of express logistics, and various levels of places are equipped with more and more high-end security inspection equipment.
    The safety inspection machine is an electronic device that carries the checked baggage into the X-ray inspection channel by means of a conveyor belt.
    When baggage enters the X-ray inspection channel, it will block the package detection sensor, and the detection signal will be sent to the control part of the system to generate the X-ray trigger signal, and the X-ray source that triggers the X-ray will emit the X-ray beam.
    The X-ray beam passes through the detected item on the conveyor belt, where the X-ray is absorbed by the detected item and finally bombards the semiconductor detector mounted in the channel.
    The detector converts the X-rays into signals, and the weak signals are amplified and sent to a signal processing cabinet for further processing, where they are then displayed on a display screen.

    "X-rays can penetrate no matter how many layers the bag has, revealing the contents layer by layer."
    Depend on different colours to identify the dangerous goods, more energy to orange color organic matter, inorganic matter displayed as blue, display for the green, the mixture of high energy/low-power switch, according to two kinds of energy, high energy metal display, low-energy non-metallic, show in the image display system, X ray sensor L photodiode array detector (optional) more energy, 12 bit depth, high penetration show improve the brightness of images in the dark area, hidden behind a high absorption content items clear display low penetration low absorption rate, easy penetration) contrast of the object, make easy to penetrate the object more clear;
Therefore, the X-ray safety inspection machine is not a decoration, but the actual load of the railway safety guard work.
    So how does the security inspection machine check out these dangerous goods?
    1. Image monitoring method
    Image monitoring method is directly from the X-ray perspective image configuration to identify the object, so whether the object is suspicious depends on the image on the monitor or display device.
    Any unusual or anomalous object that appears on a display or monitor should be considered suspicious.
    Those that cannot be accurately identified should also be regarded as suspicious items, need to be carefully investigated, according to the need to be able to locate the image analysis.

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    2. Color analysis
    Color analysis method is based on different material data in the X-ray image of different colors, and then carry out the identification of material types.
    The various colors on the monitor reflect the density, quality and quantity of the object. Therefore, the quality of the object can be evaluated according to the depth of the image color.
    Light yellow, usually a single piece of clothing, thin plastic, a small amount of paper show the color.
    Orange, is generally soap, soapy, explosives, drugs, woodwork, leather products and other colors.
    Deep orange, generally a large number of books, paper, RMB, high concentration of liquid, large bags of rice noodles, etc.
    Blue is the color of copper, iron, zinc and other inorganic substances.
    Thick cables, dejolers, cartridges, slot cartridges, guns and knives show varying shades of blue.
    Green is the color of the mixture, stainless steel products, cables, and so on.
    Red is the color of impenetrable objects, mostly heavy metals and thick objects.
    3. Restoration judgment method
    Items in luggage, because of the placement of different points of view, the object in the X-ray image appears different shape, or even deformation, so that the original face changed.
    By reversing or changing the view point of the luggage in the X-ray system channel, it can help restore the shape of rehabilitation.

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    4. Analytic Hierarchy Process
    Investigate the overlapping object images, can from the object does not overlap into the overlap of some of the edge, and then through the analysis of the color, shape of the different levels, to identify the original shape of the object.
    5. Feature discrimination
    Any object has its particular external shape.
    Security personnel should remember the shape characteristics of various objects on the monitor, and then identify the type of item.
    Wash a face for instance milk and hair gel show same color, but there is a button to start above hair gel.

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    6. Structure judgment method
    The general object has its specific structure, after X-ray perspective, found that the object structure should not have things, or should have things are missing.
    The absence of batteries, magnetic rods or speakers in the radio should cause high vigilance.
    7. Proportion judgment
    The images on the screen have a certain share of things.
    The image is larger when the object is placed close to the X-ray source on the side of the channel, and smaller when the object is placed away from the X-ray source.
    Security personnel should constantly explore the image and the share rules of various types of objects, in order to accurately discriminate.

    8. Comprehensive analysis
    Security personnel should pay attention to the brightness adjustment on the monitor.
    The brightness is not suitable, will affect the viewing effect.
    The brightness of the general image is not deep.
    Such as the discovery of suspicious objects, according to its shape, thickness to the appropriate brightness, in order to achieve the most satisfying effect.
    The non-image of MEX system and SMEX system has the functions of brightening, darkening, non-flipping and gray scanning, which provides great convenience for object identification and should be fully utilized.
    The image of the security inspection machine of each company will be different, of course, it is still in general to abide by such rules. In order to thoroughly grasp these methods, it is necessary for the security inspector to do enough understanding of the performance of the security inspection machine.