Why do you need such a strict security check on an airport?

January 5, 2021
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Airport security is a very important part of our flight. Need to go through X-ray security inspection machine, security gate, hand-held metal detector, dangerous liquid detector and manual inspection. We often need to arrive at the airport 1-2 hours in advance, in order to avoid missing the plane due to too many people in the security line. So why do you need a security check when taking an airplane? What are the airport security checks?

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一、 Airport security check steps:

1. Take off the coat or jacket, remove all the metal objects on the body, and put them in the tray, and then put the mobile phone, computer, iPad, umbrella, camera and other items in the security inspection tray.

2. Put your luggage and backpack on the conveyor belt of the X-ray security inspection machine for inspection.

3. Go through the security gate according to the guidance of the staff. If there is any problem, you will be returned to go through the security gate again.

4. After passing through the security gate, the staff will use hand-held detectors and hands to conduct further physical inspections.

5. If the security inspector finds that there are suspected prohibited items in your bag, you need to open the bag for inspection.


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二、 Items prohibited by airport security check:

1. Guns, military or police equipment (including main parts) and imitations.

2. Explosives and imitations.

3. Controlled knives: refers to the knives listed in the "Interim Regulations on the Control of Certain Knives" promulgated and implemented by the Ministry of Public Security in 1983 with the approval of the State Council.

4. Flammable and explosive materials.

5. Animals: Including all mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects and other invertebrates, but each cat or dog can only bring one entry at a time. At the same time, the person carrying The inspection and quarantine agency shall provide a valid quarantine certificate and vaccination certificate issued by the official animal quarantine agency of the exporting country or region, and the pet shall have a chip or other valid identification certificate.

6. Animal products: (raw or cooked) meat (including organs) and its products; aquatic animal products; animal-derived milk and milk products, including raw milk, fresh milk, yogurt, animal-derived cream, butter Milk products such as, cheese, milk powder are not included; eggs and their products, including fresh eggs, preserved eggs, salted eggs, egg liquid, egg shells, mayonnaise and other egg-source products; bird’s nest (except canned bird’s nest); fats, skins , Hair, hooves, bones, horns and their products; animal-derived feed (including meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, whey powder, blood meal and other single feed), animal-derived Chinese medicinal materials, animal-derived fertilizers.

7. Other biological samples, etc.: bacterial species, virus species and other animal and plant pathogens, pests and other harmful organisms, biological materials such as cells, organ tissues, blood and their products, animal carcasses, animal specimens, animal-derived wastes and soil, Genetically modified biological materials.

8. Poisonous products: including cyanide, highly toxic pesticides and other highly toxic substances.

9. Corrosive items: including sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, liquid storage batteries, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc.

10. Radioactive materials: radioactive materials such as radioactive isotopes.

11. Other items that endanger flight safety, such as strong magnets that may interfere with the normal operation of various instruments on the aircraft, and items with a strong pungent smell.

12. Other articles prohibited to be carried or transported as required by national laws and regulations.


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Some developed countries have stricter security inspection procedures and more advanced equipment. Some airports in the United States and Europe have been fully upgraded to human body scanning security devices, mainly using millimeter wave body scanners and backscatter body scanners, which can scan the human body more finely and check out the hidden human body. article. At airports in the United States and other countries, you will need to take off your shoes when going through the security check, and then put the shoes in the tray and go through the X-ray security check machine.


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Why do we need such strict security checks when flying? This is for our flight safety, to avoid hijacking or terrorist attacks, or to carry dangerous goods that affect normal safe flight. Each security check process of the security check machine and the security gate is to check the items that may cause harm to the flight safety of the aircraft. Therefore, although the security check process before taking the plane is relatively cumbersome, we still need to follow it carefully, because all of this is It is for our safety!

In recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of terrorist attacks, the security inspections of large-scale event venues such as subways, railway stations, and airport terminals have gradually been upgraded. The importance and awareness of security inspections of large-scale project committees in various countries has increased rapidly.


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MCD is an organization that specializes in providing security solutions for airports to prevent crisis events from the source. According to the scale, all airports set up pedestrian security inspection areas, cargo security inspection areas, and vehicle security inspection areas at the entrances. The scientific and reasonable program design of "personal inspection", "material inspection" and "vehicle inspection" ensure the safety of large airports.