Want to pass safe check door into a hospital, can radiation influence to foetus?The expert answered

May 22, 2021
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    The regulations came into effect on July 1, and medical institutions in Beijing have been installing security checks.
    However, while improving the sense of security, some pregnant mothers who go to hospitals for check-ups are also worried about whether the radiation from security gates and security detectors will affect the health of themselves and their babies in the belly.
    In this regard, experts have made it clear that there is no need to worry, whether it is a "human" security gate, or a "thing" security apparatus, the            radiation dose to the human body are very small, especially security apparatus, radiation dose is not as good as mobile phones.

    China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, 25 director of the second institute designer Zhao Chonghui told reporters that the state for all kinds of electromagnetic equipment radiation dose is a clear standard.
    Security equipment from regular manufacturers can fully meet the requirements of national radiation standards.
    'The more powerful the device, the greater the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation,' Mr. Zhao said. 'The millimeter-wave security device they successfully developed, for example, has less than 0.1 watts of power, while the maximum power of a cellphone during a call can be up to 2 watts.'
    The power of the security check instrument is less than 1/20 of the power of the mobile phone, and the intensity of the public use of the security check instrument is far less than that of the mobile phone, and the distance through the security check instrument is far greater than the contact distance with the mobile phone, so there is no need to worry about the electromagnetic radiation of the security check instrument affecting health.

    Zhao Chonghui introduced that the principle of the ordinary security gate is to use the magnetic flux change in the electromagnetic field to realize the detection results, that is to say, when a person with a certain amount of metal through the security gate, the metal with the cutting line of magnetic force, so that the uniform magnetic field in the security gate changes, so as to issue an alarm.
    As the magnetic flux increases, the signal in the acquisition process is larger than the set value, and the central processor causes the alarm system to issue an alarm signal.
    On the contrary, the uniform magnetic field in the security gate does not change, and the magnetic flux does not increase, so the alarm signal can not be sent.

    The new millimeter wave security detector can convert the detected object information into gray image display, and distinguish different objects from images by using the different scattering characteristics and radiation characteristics of the object itself.
    Although the technology is more advanced, the amount of electromagnetic radiation between the two is not very different, and the impact on human health is very subtle.

    The reporter learned from the manufacturer of the X-ray security apparatus that the internal rays of the security apparatus are actually all sealed in the machine, and the lead curtain is used for the import and export, and the internal walls are also lead walls, so under normal circumstances, the X-ray can be effectively blocked from entering the external environment.
    And, in the process of use, only when the luggage items through the X-ray security inspection machine, the machine will emit rays for detection, and then after computer processing, the computer screen can display recognizable images.

    Experts from the School of Public Health at Peking University Health Science Center said the radiation dose from the security screening machines' X-rays was also very low, about 1 percent of that of hospital X-rays.
    Even if a person enters the security screening machine, the radiation dose he receives each time he passes the security screening machine is far below the annual average effective dose limit for the public set in the Basic Standards for Protection against Ionizing Radiation and Safety of Sources of Radiation.
    What's more, what enters the security check is the item, the person just passes quickly from its side, the amount of radiation is minimal.
    Therefore, pregnant mothers are normal bag security, will not affect the health of themselves and the baby in the belly.