What is an X-ray baggage scanner?

May 22, 2021
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    Safety inspection machine is the most common security inspection equipment in station and airport and public security law.
    The safety inspection of the safety inspection machine is to rely on its internal X-ray generating device for radiation imaging, so, do you know the role of the X-ray safety inspection machine in the safety inspection?
What is its principle and practical function?

X-rays have a very high penetration ability and can pass through many substances that are opaque to visible light, such as ink paper, wood, etc.
Invisible to the naked eye, these rays can cause visible fluorescence of many solid materials, photosensitization of photographic plates and ionization of air.
    And by using X-ray technology, accurately detect luggage, bags and other hidden in the hard-to-find places.
Such as dagger, three edge knife, spring knife and other national control knives, can accurately detect dangerous goods.
To ensure the safety of the workplace.
X-ray passageway safety inspection machine is suitable for installation at the entrance, not suitable for outdoor installation, to prevent wind and rain, passageway X-ray safety inspection equipment has a perfect clear imaging effect, with the help of a number of image processing functions, can simply and quickly assist inspectors to distinguish between different substances.
In the process of scanning and imaging, the system provides automatic image storage and manual storage of two ways.
If it is necessary to re-examine the image, the inspector can replay the past image at any time.